Home Staging or Interior Decorating? There is a difference

We would all agree the market has cooled down, which means our sellers have to go the extra mile to make sure their home gives a great first impression. Those homes that show well will sell faster and for a better price.

A house must be prepared to sell both inside and out. There is a difference between interior decorating and staging. Interior decorating is all about making you feel comfortable and at home in your private space, surrounded by items that are your personal taste and momentos. Staging is about getting rid of clutter, making the home more marketable. In fact it is about depersonalizing your home to make it appeal to the prospective buyer.


Staging goes beyond the usual list of repairs, clutter, decor and packing personal items; these will be discussed by a Certified Staging Progessional (CSPTM) who has been trained to handle objections the homeowner may have to getting a home ready for sale. Stagers “kick it up a notch” – by broadening the appeal of the house to a wide array of potential buyers at the same time targeting to the most likely market using lifestyle selling techniques.

A Stager is a third party who will discuss any challenges to the condition of the home. A Real Estate Agent does not have to risk losing a listing by pointing out all the work that needs to be done. They have delegated that job to the Stager.

Staging impacts the condition of a house; change the condition of the house you decrease the odds of showings without bids. Attracted buyers will be impressed by the way the house looks

A Staged house makes for beautiful photos. Beautiful Photos attract more buyers to showings; this means more offers and increasing the opportunity to sell the listing on the first round of marketing

An accredited home stager will follow a set of standards and professional guidelines to prepare a home for sale. Staging services range from simply rearranging furniture to emptying a house out and filling it with rented furniture. The cost for staging in Toronto can range from $30 to $150 an hour with the majority of jobs taking less than a day to complete.

What are buyers looking for?

Contemporary and minimalist space with neutral coloured walls and a limited number of personal items appeals to most buyers and ensures the best results when selling a home. Staging is more than removing clutter, it’s also important to have
bedroom3 the right furniture placement. Even a brand new home needs staging. It’s particularly important for new condos. Empty rooms seem smaller and people have a hard time envisioning their belongings in them.

Walkways, paths and driveways should be clear of clutter as well as snow and ice. During the winter months create a display of framed photos. make sure the house is warm and cozy in winter and cool, not cold in the summer. A fire in the hearth is a nice touch as are candles.  



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