Choosing Your Home, There Are Many Types to Consider.

Buying a home is a big decision. Once you have decided to make the purchase, you will have to think about the types of homes available and what fits into the amount you will be investing.

There are 6 home types to consider. You will have to think about your needs when making the decision. You will have to look beyond the 4 walls that you will live within. Considering the environment surrounding the home is almost as important as the environment inside.

Single-family Detached

This home stands alone and is on its own lot. It is a one unit dwelling and gives a family the greatest amount of privacy.


It is a single family home. Semi -detached homes are joined on one side to another home, by a common wall. Each house’s layout is a mirror image of its twin.They are usually less expensive to buy. You do not have the same degree of privacy as a detached home in that you might be able to hear your neighbours through the joining wall and your back yards are smaller.

Townhouse or Row House

In Canada, and especially in Ontario, townhouses are split into two categories:

These are single family units but they are sided on either side by another unit, by common walls. Only the end units have a single common wall. They can be freehold (exclusively owned without any condominium aspects) or condominium (the purchaser owns only the interior, while the building itself is owned by a
condominium corporation. The corporation is jointly owned by all the owners, and charges them fees for general maintenance and major repairs). There is less privacy than a single-family or semi-detached and the backyards are often small, but still offer private space. They are often less costly to buy and maintain, but luxury projects can be very luxurious and costly.
Access to the backyards is limited.

Link Homes

Homes that are joined by a common basement wall or garage wall. The common wall usually provides more privacy because it is either below ground level or from the garage. link The look from the street is deceiving-it looks detached. Usually these are less expensive than single-family homes and have a greater degree of backyard privacy and access than town homes.

Stacked Townhouse

These involve many single family homes, side-by-side, stacked one on top of the other, in rows of four or more. All units have direct access from the outside.



Two single-family homes one above the other in one building. The owner often lives in one and rents out the other. Often considered a good investment as an income property.

*Note: These home types may be specific to Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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