Clean Train Coalition-Human Train for Clean Air event on Saturday, September 26th

The Clean Train Coalition is inviting everyone to join the Human Train for Clean Air event on Saturday, September 26th!
The goal of this event is to ‘humanize’ the corridor and prove to Metrolinx and the politicians that people do live here, that it is not ‘industrial’ as they have claimed. Our neighbourhoods should not be the receptacle for an 8-fold increase in diesel fumes nor should our lives and properties be put in jeopardy by our Provincial government so that a private firm can make a profit. Our hope is to have thousands of people joining the train as we walk down the length of the corridor and through all our wonderful communities!

Our first ‘Whistle Stop’ is in the heart of Weston, meeting at the GO station platform at 8:30 to kick off the event. Our goal is to walk the corridor meeting up with others at other various Whistle Stops along the way and having a massive rally at Sorauren Park. After this part of the event, the Human Train will continue down the corridor to Queen West where they will be met by artists and residents, continuing along Queen Street to the Liberty Village area. It will be a wonderful day of community spirit and proof of the vibrancy of our neighbourhoods and what we are trying to protect from the 8-fold increase in diesel train traffic. Please wear blue to signify your participation if possible. Placards are welcome!

If you could please send out to your various connections both in the residential and business communities whether they are in the Corridor or beyond, we’d very much appreciate it! If you are interested in volunteering or have suggestions, please contact me at this email address. I am attaching the colour poster and a fact sheet — wherever you can post them would be wonderful. For more information, please visit our website:

See you at the first Whistle Stop! Woo-woo!

1. What Is the Metrolinx Proposal?

Currently around 50 diesel trains a day run along the Union Station to Georgetown rail corridor. The provincial transit authority, Metrolinx, is proposing to increase that number to more than 450 diesel trains a day, making it the busiest diesel rail corridor on the planet.

2. How Frequently Will the Trains Run?

In rush hours, one train every 90 seconds. For the rest of the 19 hours a day the trains will be running, they will be coming through at the rate of more than one train every 3 minutes.

3. Who Will Be Affected?

The proposed diesel expansion runs through twelve Toronto neighbourhoods that are home to over 300,000 people. There are 76 schools, 96 daycare centres and 4 long-term care facilities, including a chronic respiratory care hospital, within a kilometre of the tracks.

4. Does This Plan Take the Health of Toronto

Residents into Account?

You be the judge. Only one other city of the top 100 cities in the world-Dhaka in Bangladesh-is building diesel rail links to their airport. There’s a reason for this. Diesel fumes create a chemical soup of toxic air contaminants, which have been implicated in a host of illnesses to which children are especially vulnerable,including cancer, respiratory problems, reproductive and developmental disorders.

5. How Polluting Is Diesel?

In terms of the pollution generated, 450 diesel trains a day would be like having 9,000 trucks a day driving past your home or past your child’s school or daycare centre.

6. Why Should I Worry? I Don’t Live Near the Tracks.

Diesel trains spew toxic fumes for miles around. Only the largest particles will fall primarily on neighbourhoods close to the tracks. The rest will be carried on the wind for up to 200 miles, adding significantly to greenhouse gases and pollution in the GTA and beyond.

7. What Is the Clean Train Coalition?

The Clean Train Coalition is comprised of representatives from neighbourhoods and communities throughout the city, and concerned citizens of all ages. We believe that a healthy environment and vibrant neighbourhoods depend on smart investment in public transit infrastructure. The Metrolinx proposal, however, is neither smart investment nor is it public transit for Toronto. As currently planned, Torontonians will have little access to the trains that will roar through their neighbourhoods.

8. What Does the Clean Train Coalition Want?

The Clean Train Coalition demands that all new rail infrastructure be built for electric trains. Unlike diesel,electric trains are clean, quiet and fast for both a greener future and a more efficient transportationsystem. New York City has required the use of only electric trains since 1908!

9. Hasn’t Metrolinx Announced a Study on


GO Transit has already studied electrification at least four times, with each successive study showing that it can be done affordably, and within a three-year time frame. This latest announcement is nothing but a ruse to keep people along the corridor from demanding immediate electrification.

For further information on the Clean Train Coalition,

please see Do you know about plans to run over 450 diesel trains per day through our neighbourhoods?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Clean Train Coalition represents the communities along the rail corridor. We believe that a healthy environment and vibrant neighbourhoods depend on smart investment in public transit infrastructure. Build it once, build it right!
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