Creating a Safer Bathtub with Invisible Bathtub Mat®


                                         Safer, non-slip Bathtubs are a reality with Invisible Bathtub Mat®.

You can’t  just rely on grab bars for getting in and out of the tub. They don’t protect against a slippery tub or shower surface. Grab bars eventually start to loosen because of all of the pressure put upon them when entering and exiting the tub. You feel much safer when you get into the tub or shower and feel the sole of your foot gripping to the surface. This is a great gift for people you love. I love to give this to my clients.

Invisible Bathtub Mat® Increases the “GRIP” on wet ceramic /porcelain bathtubs* and ceramic tile shower floors. You now have safer, non slip wet surfaces.

Benefits of Invisible Bathtub Mat®:

 *Apply with a sponge on dry clean surface, wait 7 minutes, rinse with water and the tub is now safer when wet. It lasts for years;

* No bacteria growth

* It’s a breeze to keep the surface clean. No special or additional cleaning products required.

* Surface remains shiny

* Does not alter the appearance, color or texture

 Watch the application video of Invisible Bathtub Mat®


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