Why You Need To Work With A Real Estate Broker not Through comFree-Diane Plant, Broker Forest Hill Real Estate

Today Yellow Pages announced that it is buying comFree. Yellow Pages buys comFree

Zoocasa closed June 22, yesterday. “It’s not like people just flock to a site because of lower fees.” “Sellers, in particular, are very hard to connect with online. They are more likely to look for a realtor in their neighbourhood, or one recommended by family or friends.”

Working with a trusted real estate agent is good business for both Sellers and Buyers. Sellers received great advice on marketing their home at the right price to get the maximum amount of money in the shortest amount of time. The Real Estate Broker offers insight to get the house ready to go to market and works closely with the Seller.

Buyers will often go through Realtor.ca to search initially but when it comes time to actually make the purchase, they work with a realtor. The Agent will make sure they are pre-approved for the amount they can make the purchase at. Once that is in place they will send listings to the Buyer of suitable properties with the given criteria from the client. Appointments are made to view the properties. This is another advantage for the Seller as well. All appointments are made through a Brokerage Office so only licensed agents are showing. When the right home is found an offer is drawn up that is legal and binding, at no cost to the Buyer or the Seller

Now is the time for negotiations to begin. The Real Estate Agent presents the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to the Listing Broker and the Seller (sometimes the Listing Agent is the Buyer’s agent). Either both parties can come to an agreement on all terms of the Offer or the Buyer will move on to other properties if they can’t come to agreeable terms. No hard feelings are left behind if the deal does not work out because the Agent was the buffer.

Working with a FOR SALE BY OWNER the Buyer wants  a reduced price for the home because there is no commission involved and the Seller wants to save that same commission. Too many emotions are involved when both meet to negotiate. One party has to go to a lawyer to draw up an Agreement of Purchase and Sale-this is money out of pocket for a deal that might not work out.

An agent is the buffer between the emotions of the Buyer and the Seller. The negotiations are impersonal because the price offered is never an insult to the agent.

comFree offers advice only and you pay a flat fee and you do all of the work.

If you as the Seller:

  1.  Know that you can take fabulous pictures of your home;
  2. Write up the descriptions in an enticing manner;
  3. Are certain you are priced properly;
  4.  Are available to field all calls from Buyers who most likely are not qualified to buy your home;
  5.  Want to  at home to open the door for any agent that wants to show their Buyer;
  6. Open the door to any random buyer that calls to make an appointment;
  7. Feel comfortable asking the Buyer if they have been pre-qualified;
  8. Signing an Agreement to Pay commission to all Realtors who want to show the property;
  9. Are comfortable asking the Buyer if they want to buy the home directly with you;
  10. Are OK listening to their negative comments with a plan to try and get a lower price;
  11. Wait without knowing if an Agent is going to bring you an offer or a private Buyer is bringing an Offer;
  12. Negotiate a legal, binding document without emotion.

Then conFree of FSBO is the way to go. 95% of Sellers use a Realtor

How much are you willing to pay out of pocket, give up your valuable time to NOT sell your home?

If you are thinking of Selling or Buying Contact ME to get the advice you need


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