Why Millennials Need A Toronto Realtor

Why Millennials Need Realtors In Toronto


When people hear the word millennial, certain phrases usually come to mind. You are ambitious, impatient, and want to succeed quickly. Well, let me tell you this: if you want the quickest sale, the best home, and the most successful find, you cannot do it on your own. Listen up and learn why millennials need realtors in Toronto!

Truth is, several of you are moving back in with the rents after university- and you know what? That is okay! But, when it finally comes time to leave the nest, whether that’s your choice, your fiance’s choice, or mom’s choice, it’s good to reach out for help. Millennials are the generation that has been most affected by student loan debt and also the generation that saw our parents go through the recession and home market crash. You don’t want to spend all of that money you just don’t have. You are weary and want to do it right.



Something you can all agree on is that you like things the way you like them. So, if you aren’t wanting to spend the big bucks, why not look for a “fixer-upper”? Right now is the best time to find fixer-uppers, as well. There are several reasons for this:

1. Looking forward. Most neighborhoods are turning, meaning they are buying up older houses to use the land for new construction. Can you say ‘hello buy out’?

2. Room to be creative. Who doesn’t love Scott McGillivray’s show Income Property or  Mike Holmes Holmes on Homes? That’s right, no one. Hint hint: this is your chance to embody their wonderfulness!

3. Appreciation is a beautiful thing. Property is one of the few things you will buy, my friends, that will actually appreciate in value. That Honda Acura you just got? Yeah…unfortunately it depreciated in value the minute you drove it off the lot. But no matter! You have your very own “fixer-upper” awaiting you.


What else do millennials like? Things that come easy. It is not because you are lazy — well, maybe at times you enjoy binge watching Netflix and not getting off the couch, but that is beside the point. You like things that come easy because there is so much you want to do and so much you strive for. You do not want your time to be occupied by things you don’t care about.

So, here’s a trick for you – give all that annoying time demanding paperwork to – bingo, you guessed it – your realtor!

Let’s step back for a second, though, and talk about renting vs. buying. Although rent that is $1500/month appears to look so much nicer than a big down payment on a house or that astronomical asking price, over time those rent payments pile up and you never get any of that money back. When you buy a house, however, you are basically just putting money down that you will end up making back in the long run. This is of course not always the case, but if you do it right, that is the end goal. And how could we forget, of course, your parent’s basement is the cheapest option, but where’s the autonomy and fun in that? Don’t overlook the basement in your home can be income potential helping toward that monthly mortgage payment. 

So be ambitious when finding the realtor that best suits you. Be impatient in not wanting to waste time but rather focus your time on finding your dream home and living the life you want to live. And succeed with the help of your realtor!

                                                               Find Your Realtor Now



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